Request a Lease Extension

This notice is to advise Select Corporate Housing of my desire to extend my tenancy though the revised Notice-to-Vacate date indicated below and to retract my previously submitted Notice-to-Vacate. I understand that my rented address may not be available for an extension past my currently scheduled lease termination date, and that this request may be denied.  I understand that should my requested extension be available and accepted that my apartment may be preleased after the revised Notice-to-Vacate date indicated and should I wish to  extend my vacate date again, I must get prior approval from lessor. I understand that the rental rate may increase to the current market rate plus month to month fees of not more than  $20.00 per day, with Lessee continuing to be bound by all of the terms of the original agreement, including the requirement of the written notice of intent to vacate.

If the requested extension is available and approved, I understand that I will be responsible for rent through the revised Notice-to-Vacate indicated. I further understand that I am responsible for paying through this notice regardless of whether or not I will physically occupy the apartment.  I further understand that I will be billed through the date that the keys are returned.    

I also understand that

  • All trash and personal belongings must be removed from my accommodations upon check-out or additional charges will apply.
  • Payment for the extended period is due upon approval

We will confirm receipt of this notice same day (if Monday through Friday; if Saturday/Sunday/holiday we will return next business day). Please specify whether you would like to receive confirmation via email or fax and provide your email address or fax number. If you do not receive confirmation within the time specified above it is your responsibility to resend this notice.