Notice to Vacate

This notice is to advise Select Corporate Housing of my intent to vacate the premises noted below and terminate my tenancy. I understand that by submitting this notice my apartment may be preleased. Therefore, should my vacate date change; I will get prior approval from lessor. I further understand that if my current lease term has not fulfilled, I will be responsible for rent through the end of my lease or until the apartment has been re-rented. I also understand I am responsible for paying through 30 days (or 60 Days depending on my lease agreement with Select Corporate Housing) regardless of whether or not I will physically occupy the apartment. I further understand I will be billed through the date keys are returned.

I also understand that all trash and personal belongings must be removed from my accommodations upon check-out or additional charges will apply.  (Choose Express Checkout & we will clean your apartment for you)

*The date this form is confirmed in our office is the date that the required 30-day notice (or 60-day notice) period begins.  Notices-to-Vacate must be submitted (in order to be confirmed) between our office hours M-F from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST; any notices submitted outside of those hours will be confirmed and considered effective the subsequent business day.


Express Checkout – Select will perform a basic clean at 11am on your departure date prior to the post-departure inspection at 12pm. Please make sure to vacate the apartment and have your personal items removed by or before 11am as the housekeepers will arrive at that time. Cost = $135.00

Standard Checkout - must vacate by 12 PM to avoid holdover charges. I am responsible for the basic cleaning of my apartment and removal of all personal items and trash.

We will confirm receipt of this notice same day (if Monday through Friday; if Saturday/Sunday/holiday we will return next business day).

*If you do not receive confirmation within the time specified above it is your responsibility to resend this notice to vacate.