Helpful Moving Tips

Remove the Stress From Relocating

Relocating can be a stressful time in a person's life. To minimize the chaos, here are some helpful moving tips and a checklist to keep the move running smoothly. 

A basic thing to keep in mind when moving is to notify everyone. Send out a moving announcement to  friends and family. Avoid the impulse to skip the bill senders. Utility companies, credit cards, and the cable or satellite provider should be on the list to receive the info about the new address. 

File a change of address form with the post office. This step is simple, and  will make the transition easier. If a contact has not received the new address, the mail will still get to the right place. Brightly colored stickers on the mail will indicate who still needs to be notified of the new address.

A change of address can bring with it changes to insurance or legal matters. Contact a lawyer if legal matters may be involved. A new address may also alter rates for homeowners, auto, and renters' insurance. 

Don't forget to notify the bank and credit card companies. It is important to protect personal information and such companies will want to know the new address to avoid any information getting into the wrong hands. 

Here is a quick checklist to work as a reminder:

  • Notify everyone of new address, friends, family, bills, etc.
  • Change of address form at the Post Office
  • Contact lawyer and insurance company about necessary changes
  • Notify the bank and credit card companies
  • Schedule the turning off of the utilities at your old home
  • Make sure that the utilities will be turned on at your new home before moving day

Helpful tips mostly involve the packing process. The packing and unpacking of household and personal goods may be the most strenuous part of moving. A quick tip is to toss out items that haven’t been used in two years. Better yet, donate them to someone who can benefit. There’s no point in packing, hauling, and unpacking an item that is no longer useful.