Why is there such a wide range of rent rates?

How much do your apartments rent for?

That's sorta hard to answer.  While we can (and would love) to give you a detailed quote, we do have to know your exact desired move-in date, lease term, and answers to all the questions found here 'Back in the day' the rate for a 1-bedroom apartment was what it was regardless of whether you wanted to move in on May 5th  or May 7th - not so much anymore.

The Primary Cause of Price Fluctuation

The biggest factor that apartment communities use to set rates is simply supply and demand.  Pricing is typically set daily (by software programs) based on the overall vacancy to occupancy ratios at a given property (ever bought an airline ticket?).  The lease terms and lease expiration dates can also play a major role in pricing - no property manager wants a large volume of leases to expire during the same week! 

For Example:

  • If a particular location already has 30 apartment leases set to expire on March 30th of next year, then a new renter requests a lease ending on or near that same date, the rate will most likely be substantially higher than if the lease were to end in Feb or April.
  • If Community XYZ has 30 vacant apartments available right now, but Community ABC across the street only has 1 vacant apartment available... Guess which apartment will rent for less! 

Sometimes even a larger 2-bedroom apartment can be less expensive than a smaller 1-bedroom if a community has a surplus of 2-bedroom apartments and a shortage of 1-bedroom apartments.

Other Factors that Affect Pricing

  • Time of year -Not always, but apartments are generally less expensive during the late fall and early winter.  Time of year may have a more significant impact in coastal areas or areas with heavy tourism
  • Floor level 
  • Specific floor plan - many communities offer a host of wide-ranging floor plans that vary in overall square footage, layout, and interior finishes
  • Location of an apartment within the community - a waterfront view, a skyline view, and an apartment right next to the pool typically rent at a premium

And, of course, all apartment communities are not created equally - brand new state-of-the-art luxury communities situated on prime real estate will (most of the time) be more expensive than a very well maintained 15 year old community across town.

Renting Fully-Furnished through Select Corporate Housing

Select's apartments include utilities, premium furnishings, cable, wireless internet, full-size appliances, comprehensive housewares, electronics and many more convenience features IN ADDITION to the base rent rates charged by the host apartment communities.  While the costs associated with many of our inclusions may not vary dramatically from location to location or for day to day, the corporate apartment rates we quote also fluctuate quite a bit due to the variances in the rent rates charged to us.

In addition to all those factors mentioned above, the rates we quote are determined with even more considerations.   The rates we're charged by Comcast, AT&T, WoW, Spectrum, and many other telecom companies differ based on  the service agreements we have with those providers.  Utility costs also vary from location to location, as do our setup costs (furniture delivery, utility connection fees, account establishment and installation charges, etc).  Some apartments are furnished with upgrades and extras, while others are furnished with our standard accommodations package

We work to negotiate the best rent rates possible with our partner communities so that we can offer our clients the most attractive options possible.  Some communities give us better lease terms and better pricing terms than others - we pass along all savings and promotions our guests.

Because the rates do often change daily, and because the overall availability changes daily, we encourage you to book as soon as possible.  We are unable to 'hold' a quoted apartment without the signed reservation agreement, and of course, we never want our clients to lose out on securing their perfect corporate apartment!

Please let us know what you're looking for, and we'll provide you with the most relevant temporary housing options based on your criteria. 

We look forward to providing you convenience and unparalleled service!